Expectations and purchase intentions for beauty products on social networks

Practices & habits
Market research company

Customer requirement

Evaluate the potential of the social media buying channel for the beauty sector

Objective of the survey

Measure the expectations of social media users and their intentions to purchase beauty products on these channels


1200 women, over 16 years old, in the USA and France


4 minutes

16 questions

Date of the survey

December 2021

Recruitment campaign

Conversational Questionnaire

Results of the study

Authentic insights

In France, 1 out of 3 women will have purchased beauty products online in 2021, including 1 out of 4 on social networks, while in the United States this ratio is 1 out of 2 women

Accurate feedback

on the expectations and purchasing intentions of women users of social networks in terms of beauty products

Fast results

obtained in 5 days

Excellent commitment

92% of respondents are satisfied with the experience

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