The benchmark in insight-gathering technology


1. Sourcing participants

Sourcing participants on social media

We target social media users via ads on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and Snapchat

Target users from among a worldwide pool of 4.6 billion

Ultra-precise targeting, with tens of thousands of available criteria


2. The conversational questionnaire

A conversational, engaging questionnaire as a collection method

We collect authentic answers via an engaging questionnaire:

Familiar messaging app look & feel

Questions of various types that appear "during the discussion"

Use of emojis and an appropriate tone that is neither too formal nor too familiar


3. The data outputs platform

Real-time results platform

Your results are accessible in real time, and ready to use

Outputs data visualisation

Quantitative data is aggregated into simple, intuitive and interactive graphs.

Verbatim comments

Accessible and filterable in a tab, automatically translated into the desired language, AI-assisted analysis.


By ticking the filter boxes, you can isolate a target group according to the data collected, and compare groups with one another.

Sampling monitoring

Follow the progress of the data collection and quotas in real-time 

Statistical processing

Cross-tabulations, significance testing, weighting

Data export

Raw data can be exported to Excel, CSV, Triple S or SPSS. Customized analysis reports can be downloaded in Powerpoint.

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