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Episto study - World Cup in Qatar

BTS's Jungkook, a song and a performance for the 2022 World Cup

Episto study - World Cup in Qatar

The vast majority of French people should boycott the World Cup

Episto study - World Cup in Qatar

Red card for the World Cup in Qatar!

iAdvize survey - Live commerce

41% of participants who watched a live shopping event made a purchase

Episto survey - Quick commerce

There is not yet a consensus on quick commerce in Paris

Audi study - Media plan on Waze

Waze at the service of car manufacturers: the examples of Ford and Audi

Episto survey - Quick commerce

Episto surveyed more than 1,000 Parisians, whether or not they were quick commerce customers. They are generally satisfied but would like to see a wider offer...

The use of social networks in studies forces us to rethink the respondent experience

Interview with Jérémy Lefebvre for MRNews

Episto study - Startups and the French

Start-up: "unicorn" here, "unicorn" there... oops the French don't know what it is

Episto study - Startup in France

Young people are convinced by start-ups. According to the survey, 97% of the French know...

Episto study - Startup in France

Startups: the French are ready to use their services but not to invest in them.

Episto: the startup with a fresh approach to gather insights

Launched in 2019, this young startup runs social media polls on behalf of...

Jérémy Lefebvre on the air

Episto wants to shake up traditional pollsters

Episto owes a debt of gratitude to the "yellow vests"

The young startup developed its model during the social crisis of winter 2019...

GECE x Episto survey - Ligue 1

Amazon reluctantly welcomed by L1 fans

Social networks will be a valuable addition to the toolbox of market researchers

Interview with Jérémy Lefebvre for MRNews

Covid: nearly half of young graduates with 5 years of higher education are still looking for a job

The findings of a survey conducted in late December by Episto on behalf of Syntec Conseil.

Stéphane Soumier's interview with Jérémy Lefebvre (Episto)

Tuesday December 8, 2020, BE SMART welcomes Jérémy Lefebvre (Co-founder and CEO, Episto)

Episto, Station F's next-generation survey nugget

The start-up is included in the "Future 40," a ranking that selects the most promising start-ups on campus.

Social networks are changing the way we study difficult targets

Interview with Jérémy Lefebvre for MRNews

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