Measure the performance of the Group's own brands in its European trading areas

Local survey

Customer requirement

Grow Auchan's own brands and monitor their performance in Europe

Objective of the survey

Measure awareness of these brands, evaluate their image in the marketplace and define brand territories


1300 respondents in France, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Poland and Romania residing in the catchment areas of Auchan stores


10 minutes

29 questions

Date of the survey

June 2022

Recruitment campaign

Conversational Questionnaire

Results of the study

Authentic insights

the market share of niche audiences (Auchan brand buyers), multi-country and multi-local targets (on the scale of shopping areas in 6 European countries)

Accurate feedback

on the notoriety and image of Auchan's own brands in different universes (organic food, early childhood,...)

Fast results

with an agile methodology allowing for readjustments as the field progresses and the execution of boosts on specific targets

Excellent commitment

of the share of residents in the catchment areas in the 6 countries studied

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