Why do social network surveys collect authentic responses?


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01. The relevance of the profiles recruited

By soliciting only qualified users, thanks to social network targeting criteria, this methodology guarantees that profiles are consistent with the target population. The relevance of the respondents will in turn ensure optimal quality of the insights gathered. These respondents are ordinary consumers or professionals who, for the most part, are not registered on panels and are therefore neither over-solicited nor incentivized.

only those surveyed via social networks claim to be registered with panels
of respondents make a mistake when we insert a trick question in a questionnaire
Verify respondent qualifications through hairdresser expertise

One might think that it is impossible to control the identity of respondents, and that the presence of unqualified individuals would distort the results of social networking studies. Here's the test we carried out to check the reliability of our respondents: during a questionnaire aimed at hairdressers, we inserted a trick question about the products these professionals used. Two of the products mentioned in the list were in fact products sold only to the general public, not used by professionals. And we recorded less than 1% total responses on these two items. Proof that the profiles recruited were indeed real hairdressers.

02. Respondent commitment

At Episto, we're convinced that it is an absolute precondition for collecting quality answers and true-to-life insights. Respondents express their opinions with care and authenticity, they (almost) forget they're actually taking part in a survey. Respondents' engagement is ensured thanks to the playful side of the questionnaire, making the experience unique and enjoyable, empowering respondents who are not used to being asked for their opinion. In addition to guaranteeing the reliability of the profiles recruited, the granular targeting enabled by social networks helps us engage with audiences that are truly motivated by theme of the study.

Discover how kitchen waste sorting is organised via video

To get a better understanding of how people living in the Ile-de-France region organise waste sorting, we interviewed 300 respondents and collected videos of them filming the latter in their own kitchens. These valuable, authentic insights enabled us to really immerse ourselves in the homes of people living in the Parisian suburbs.


03. Authentic answers

One of the main advantages of social network research is that it allows us to collect authentic answers. Meaning? Authentic means sincere and spontaneous answers that truly reflect the opinions of the individuals surveyed, without the intervention of external disturbing factors.

Surveys on social media offer guarantees of authenticity that are linked to: 

The respondents

  • Not used to answering surveys, they are not research "professionals".
  • Unpaid and therefore not motivated by the lure of gain

‍The use of smartphones

  • ‍‍A personal tool they feel comfortable using
  • And that they use when they're available 

The questionnaire

  • ‍‍Designed from the outset for mobile use
  • Self-administered, at their own pace, under terms that suit them
  • Engaging and conversational

Thanks to this methodology, respondents no longer feel they are answering a questionnaire, and more like they are taking part of a conversation.

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