French people and startups

  • The perception of startups by the French
  • The list of the most known and used
  • Their attractiveness as a place to work or invest


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In September 2019, Emmanuel Macron announced the goal of 25 French unicorns by 2025. The ambition was reached 3 years earlier than expected with the arrival of Exotec in the very privileged ranks of the startup elite. If the French President has made this a highlight of his five-year term, to what extent do the French feel concerned by the subject? What is their perception of startups and their impact on society? To find out, Episto, a specialist in social network studies, questioned 1,000 French people on four key topics: image, usage, employment and investment.

What you'll find:

  • The knowledge and perception of startups by the French
  • The most known and used startups
  • Focus on youth
  • The attractiveness of startups to work or invest in

Study Methodology:

Representative sample of the French population according to the quota method: 1000 respondents.

Study dates: February 16-20, 2022.

Source of respondents: Facebook and Instagram.

"This new survey approach offers infinite possibilities: all targets, even the most niche, become accessible – virtually instantaneously."
Jérémy, Episto CEO

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