The Metaverse

  • The perception of this new concept
  • The risks and opportunities it presents
  • The best ideas for use and application


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As an escape from a frightening reality, the Metaverse has surfaced recently and has quickly become a hot topic in the media and discussions. As a real business issue, brands have also seized this field without really knowing what opportunities or dangers it will generate in the long term. Episto wanted to know the opinion of French people about the emergence of this new dimension...

What you'll find:

  • The opinion of the French
  • The perception of the Metaverse
  • Focus on youth
  • Ideas for use and application

Study Methodology:

Representative sample of the French population according to the quota method: 1000 respondents.

Study dates: January 10-14, 2022.

Source of respondents: Facebook and Instagram.

"This new survey approach offers infinite possibilities: all targets, even the most niche, become accessible – virtually instantaneously."
Jérémy, Episto CEO

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