6 types of marketing research to know

Inside, you will discover for each typology:

  • the objectives of this type of study
  • what is measured there
  • a case study by Episto


Guide - 6 types of marketing research to know

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What you will learn:

There are many different types of marketing research, each with its own objectives and metrics. In this guide, which is a synthesis of our experience with hundreds of social media consumer research studies, we talk about 6 distinct types of research that Episto can help you with.

Each challenge has its own type of study: discover why and how to turn the collection of insights via social networks into a real strategic lever.

Why download this guide?

  • To learn more about all types of consumer research
  • To have at hand a practical and educational guide to consult if needed
  • To understand, thanks to concrete cases, all the issues that Episto can help you with!

"This new survey approach offers infinite possibilities: all targets, even the most niche, become accessible – virtually instantaneously."
Jérémy, Episto CEO

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